How To Choose The Right Wedding Makeup

How To Choose The Right Wedding Makeup

It can be a challenging experience when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal makeup. However, I recommend that you follow these simple steps to select the best wedding makeup option that suits you.


If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by the options that are available, then I have great news. There are several factors you can take into consideration that can assist you in narrowing your search. There are a couple of influences on which wedding makeup look you go for, including your outfit and the weather!


Choosing The Right Wedding Make-Up Look

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend hours online scrolling through pictures in order to find your perfect wedding makeup look. There is a suggestion that it’s best to draw inspiration from the plans you already have in place. There are no rules on the makeup look you should have, you can have whichever wedding makeup look you desire. However, if you’re having trouble, these tips might help.


Summarise Your Wedding Day in Three Words

If you’ve got a beach wedding, then you’re not going to want your makeup to be too formal. You’ll instead most likely want a breezy and natural look which will match the setting. So, if you’re able to describe your wedding day in three words, you’re also going to be describing your make-up look. Narrowing down your vision to three words will enable you to have more visualisation for the make-up look you’re looking for.


Pull Inspiration from Celebrities

This is a great way to narrow down makeup looks that not only match your venue and outfit but also your personality. You want to feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, so knowing what others look like when wearing a certain makeup style will offer you the inspiration that you may be lacking during this time. Once you figure out what you’re liking most about the celebrity looks, then you will find it easier to personalise it to you.


Take Your Wedding Outfit into Consideration

Your wedding day outfit can influence your wedding make-up look. When you’re unsure about the makeup style you should be going for, it’s a great idea to draw inspiration from your outfit. That way, you’ve got an entire theme to your look. If you’ve got an incredible dress that flows behind you for miles, then it might be better to go for a more natural look. Whereas, if you’ve got a subtle dress, you can either go for a subtle look, or something more eye-catching.


Prioritise Your Preferences

If you’re feeling lost then the suggestions above will definitely help you. However, your wedding makeup doesn’t have to match your outfit, these are just inspiration tips in order to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve had the idea of wearing neon eyeshadow on your wedding day, then that’s entirely your choice and a fine one it is. Your opinion is the one that matters, so go with what makes you feel the most comfortable.


I hope that I’ve given you the inspiration that you need in order to choose the right wedding makeup for your big day. Be mindful that despite what these tips give, you are in charge and you should feel your best on your wedding day, as well as comfortable, so go with what fits into your personality the most.

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