Meet Nawar Raichura

Founder and Creative Director

Nawar is a professional makeup artist London with more than 10 years of experience. Ever since she was a little girl, she has carefully practiced applying makeup on her friends and family, and she has always been keenly interested in turning this into her career “I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world”.

Nawar is both practical and artistic about cosmetics and their effects.  While she likes to focus on classic, timeless beauty, she also likes to stay current with trends. “For me, makeup is about so much more than applying pretty colours or adding a pop of highlighter. While staying on top of the latest styles and learning new skills has always been important to me, I believe that cosmetics can be a way for any woman to bring out her inner goddess and highlight her best features. Nothing is impossible when you feel beautiful, both inside and out.”

Above all else, Nawar believes in making her clients happy: “I do what is best for my clients, take a scientific approach to skincare, and foster excellent customer rapport – this is my commitment to you.”

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Secret of

Flawless Skin

Nawar is passionate about skincare, and as a UK Makeup Artist she always advises her clients on the best routines and products for their unique skin types. Nawar caters to women of all ages including Makeup for older women. Best Makeup Artist London Nawar states, “when we approach skincare from a scientific angle, the results can be spectacular; my analytical approach has taught me both to utilise a methodical mind as well as creative, ‘out of the box’ thinking.”

Let’s get personal

About Nawar

Outside of Makeup Lessons London Nawar enjoys going for runs and is very passionate about dancing. “I always like to switch up my workout routines as it keeps me motivated”. Nawar also has a profound interest in traveling and loves to explore different cultures and foods! “Every country has a unique sense of individuality and I just love to step out my comfort zone” Whenever she can Nawar also enjoys a good old Netflix binge! Who doesn’t! That’s right you heard it here from one of the Top Wedding Makeup Artists London.


Nawar’s Husband

Bridal Makeup Artist London Nawar’s husband and Marketing Director of Makeup Artist UK, Paras Raichura has helped to spearhead the Company’s growth through his expertise in digital marketing. With a previous career in investment banking, Paras decided to take a new direction and start his own company which has now become a leading digital marketing agency in the UK

His skills and expertise have been integral in growing the Makeup Courses London brand and creating a strong foundation for the company.