Idora Raphael - Makeup Artist UK

Certified by Idora Raphael

Nawar Raichura Makeup Artist UK continuously excels her learning by being certified by Idora, a globally recognised makeup artist.

Idora Raphael is one of the most meteoric makeup masters in the world. In July 2020 IDORA was chosen as one of the 20 most influential makeup artists in the world, by L'officiel Arabia. The beauty and makeup mogul has become the first choice for royal brides. Even the most luxe fashion houses from Cartier to Alexander McQueen and Charlotte Tilbury have witnessed his amazing makeup wizardry.

Trendi-mi - Makeup Artist UK

Trendi-mi Certificate of Completion

Nawar Raichura Makeup Artist UK develops her technical skill set by enhancing her knowledge through the Trendimi makeup artist certification.

Trendimi is an e-learning platform delivering fashion, beauty and makeup courses across the world. Their goal is to craft an inspirational learning community and make a difference by allowing people to explore a new path and nurture a passion. They are committed to turning aspirations into reality by making learning accessible and supports students' development.