10 Pro Tips for a Sexy Smokey Eyes

10 Pro Tips for a Sexy Smokey Eyes

It can be tricky to nail a sexy smokey eye look. If it’s done wrong, then the deep shadow can make you look exhausted. However, if it’s done in the right way, then your smokey eye will give a simple but effective look. Read on for pro tips for a sexy smokey eye.


Things to know before you begin your smokey eye:

Use your lash line as the only darkest point. This will keep your makeup looking fresh and modern which will ensure that you’re drawing more attention to your eye rather than the makeup.


You don’t want to be using any more than 3 shadows and a liner to pop your eyes.


Brushes are important when doing a Smokey eye because you want to get the right blend. You can go as dark as you want and use any colours you want, it’s how you blend the liner and shadow that really matters.


  1. Use the highlighter first

It is best to use the colour you’d use for your highlighter on the brow bone. Begin at the brow bone to ensure that the gradient isn’t negatively affected.


  1. Apply eyeshadow backwards

Working with a colour gradient that doesn’t fade and builds instead, works better no matter what the shape of your eye is. Begin at the brow bone by following the highlighter with a medium colour from where the highlighter ends to where your crease begins and blend. Use a darker medium shade and blend using a windshield-wiper motion. Spend time concentrating on the crease.


  1. Use an eye pencil as a base

If you’re wanting to intensify your smokey eye, apply black eyeliner as the base. You can then smudge the pencil over your eyelid. Once you’ve done this, add the eyeshadow and blend.


  1. Keep it close to the last line for daytime

To get a softer look, use a subtle application. You can achieve this by using a smokey eyeshadow which can be smudged around the eye, very close to the lash line. To prevent it from going too dark, only line the inside waterline of the eye.


  1. Consider your shape

Not every eye is created equal. This means that the smokey eye won’t fit everyone. It’s best to evaluate whether this method is going to work for the shape of your eye.


  1. Ensure it’s the right shade

The main purpose of a smokey eye is to make the eye appear more sultry. It’s best to ensure that it is size appropriate and that there is brow bone and lower lashes visible.


  1. Use the right tools

It is really important that you’re using the right tools when it comes to creating a smokey eye. A large fluffy blending brush, a smaller tapered blending brush and finally a small paddle-shaped flat brush would work perfectly.


  1. Experiment using different colours and textures

You don’t need to limit yourself to the usual charcoal greys, blacks and purples. You might be missing out on some fierce moments if you do this. When you have time to yourself, just sit down and experiment with other colours and shades that could work.


  1. Don’t go for perfection

A smokey eye is usually imperfect, and there isn’t much point thriving for perfection with it. Embrace the flawless look.


  1. Don’t rush it

Take your time and don’t rush. If you do a quick smokey eye, you’re more likely not going to get the right effect. Once you practice and get familiar with what best works for you and your eye, you’ll become quicker anyway. Despite this, you should still take your time.

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