Wedding Makeup Tips from the Best Makeup Artist London

Wedding Makeup Tips from the Best Makeup Artist London

Well, you absolutely nailed it with the dress – now it’s time to get the pre-wedding makeup sorted. Although we recommend booking a professional bridal makeup artist in London prior to your wedding, here are a few generic makeup tips to have you looking your best on the Big Day:

Take Care of that Beautiful Skin

Take any number of makeup courses in London –  the top wedding makeup artists in London will tell you pretty much the same: religiously follow a comprehensive day and night skincare regimen 3-6 months ahead of the wedding.

This not only influences how makeup looks on your skin, but also how it stays on your skin all throughout the day.

Take a Makeup Trial 3-5 Weeks in Advance

As you do a quick search on makeup artists near me on Google, ensure that you undergo a makeup trial a good three weeks prior to the wedding – though, if you feel you need to stretch this a bit, then no more than five weeks.

Let’s say you want to use fake tan on your wedding day; ask your makeup artist London to put you through a test run right before the makeup trial. This will allow your chosen makeup artist UK to see the colour your skin takes after applying the fake tan.

To make the most of the trial, feel your best – that is, get your hair done and wear your best jewellery, so that you can see how you’re going to look with all the ‘bells and whistles’ on the big day with the makeup on.

Put Emphasis on the Eyes

As long as your wedding makeup artist in London is skilled and experienced, he/she will know how to emphasis your eyes – brightening any darkness under the eyes using the right concealer and corrector.

If you’ve managed to book the best makeup artist in London, you can relax and take it easy because they will know exactly which tone to choose in order to complement your natural eye colour.

Every expert UK makeup artist knows that the focus should be primarily on your eyes and not the bridal makeup. A technique often used in Indian bridal makeup to make the eyes a stand-out feature is to closely match the colour depth and intensity as close as possible with the lash line.

Lots of Water for You Missy!

While brushing up on your makeup artist reading, including tips on makeup for older women, you would have likely come across the importance of hydration. This cannot be stressed on enough!

Hydrated skin will always accommodate makeup that much better. Period.

As the Big Day Looms Closer

Get your big day makeup right from the get-go – take bridal makeup lessons London today under the guidance and expertise of Nawar Raichura, your go-to source for the best bridal makeup lessons in London.

You have one chance to get this right; see firsthand how the top wedding makeup artists in London do it.

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