The Cutest Ways to Create Coloured Eyeliner

The Cutest Ways to Create Coloured Eyeliner

You may have noticed that you’ve got the same make up routine that you’ve had since high school. Maybe you’re bored and want to mix it up a bit. Or you may have seen some inspiration and want to create some cute coloured eyeliner looks.


Here are few ideas for you to have a go at:


  1. Floating Liner


This look has been established by many makeup artists, but it is a bit harder to pull off without the trial and error practise. Trying to draw on your eyelids evenly and symmetrically without smudging is a task that needs to be perfected. Simply apply your purple liner around the top area of your eyelid to give the floating effect.


  1. Stacked Liner


Firstly, prime your eye lid with a first chosen colour of liner. This will go just above your eyelashes as normal. Once you’re happy with a look, choose a second colour. This should then be applied just above the first colour. You can create a simple winged look if you wish. There are a few great colour combinations; black and white, black and bronze, black and teal, navy and gold, and black and silver.


3. Winged Liner


The best thing about this look is that you can work with any colour and it’ll look great. It is, however, best to use liquid eyeliner to enable to right extension for the wing. This look is similar to the popular straight liner, just with a little more intrigue. Keep it simple by drawing a thin line on your upper lid and extend slightly into a wing.


4. Starry Eyed Surprise


Use a pastel palette to get this look looking super cute. Choose two colours for your liner such as black and white, gold and silver, blue and purple, purple and pink. Once you’ve added your eyeliner, using one colour for one half of your lid and the other colour for the other half, simply use a black liner pencil to create a little star at the end.


  1. Ombre Eyeliner


First, you’ll want to choose two or more colours to use. Considering using two adjacent colours on the colour wheel works well. Choose three variations of one colours, for example, if you choose blue, you can choose variations such as; sky, cobalt and navy. Paint the darkest shade first either on your lash line or as point for the wings. Then move onto the next colours until you feel you’re ready to blend.


  1. Lower Liner


Another look where you can choose any colour for your liking. Keep your liner thin to avoid the impression of dark circles beneath your eyes. Put the liner just below your bottom lashed and avoid the inner corner which will make your eyes look smaller. You’ll want to blend the liner into the lash line and at the edges. This will create a naturally defined look. Blend upward and side to side.

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