How to Create Your Ultimate Nude Makeup Look

How to Create Your Ultimate Nude Makeup Look

Glamorous makeup looks are fantastic. They are exactly what we need for those nights out when we want to dress to impress. However, what are the options for when you want a bit of a ‘glow up’ without looking like you’re trying too hard? The funny thing about ‘nude’ makeup looks, is that while they appear effortless, they can sometimes take even longer than a full face – winged liner and all. Fear not, we have collected together a few handy tips to remember when achieving that ultimate nude makeup look.

Back to Basics

The whole idea of a ‘nude makeup look’ is to create the illusion of little to no makeup – you want to look effortlessly flawless. That being said, this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your natural complexion and cover it all up completely. A good skincare routine will not only give you that natural glow you’re after, but it may also save you some time in the long run. After all, if you already have perfect skin – that is one less thing to worry about.

Make sure you work with what you’ve got and use your natural complexion to your advantage. For example, if you have naturally rosy cheeks, there is no need for you to add more blush – it’s beautiful, natural and more importantly, easy! Remember, you are aiming to look as natural as possible, so the more of your ‘actual skin’ you can keep uncovered, the better!


Any makeup artist will tell you the importance of decent products – after all it is quality, not quantity. Lightweight, long-lasting formulas are always essential when aiming to achieve that ‘nude’ look. We would recommend the following products to keep handy:

  • Concealer
  • Highlighter
  • Mascara
  • Powder

If none of these are a staple in your makeup bag – it’s about time you got your hands on them. Each product targets specific aspects of your face that you may either want to cover up or show off.

Good Foundations

As we previously mentioned, less is more. We would recommend getting your hands on some lightweight foundations that last all day, while also being subtle. If a foundation isn’t what you are after, there are always plenty of other products that can help smoothen out your skin tone. For example, a tinted moisturiser works wonders on people with drier skin, who need to even out the colours on their face. Especially where foundation is concerned, you need to find what works best for your skin and make sure it matches – the worst thing you could do would be to go two or three shades lighter or darker than your natural complexion so make sure you always test, test, test!

Pucker Up

Funnily enough, lips often get overlooked when attempting to achieve a ‘natural’ makeup look. However, they are essential to ensure you don’t create an overly gaunt look. Our best advice to you is to actually avoid lip colours that are actually advertised as ‘nude’ – wait, what? That’s right. Often, lipstick shades that are branded as ‘nude’ colours can look chalky, thick and end up overly matte on your lips – that isn’t the look we’re going for. We want glossy and dewy. ‘Nude’ isn’t the same for everyone. For some, it is a deep brown, for others, it is a rose-tone – again, it is all about experimenting. Find that colour that makes your lips pop without looking unnatural.


We guarantee that these tips and tricks will help you on the way to achieving that ultimate nude makeup look you’ve always desired. In no time at all, you’ll have people complimenting your clear complexion and natural glow – they’ll never even know you’re actually wearing makeup. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

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