How to Achieve the Perfect Brow Arch

How to Achieve the Perfect Brow Arch

There are lots of ways to shape and style your brows, and it can be pretty overwhelming. The journey to gaining the perfect brow arch will be different for everyone. No two brows are the same (seriously!). Here are some general hacks, tricks, and tips that can help you get there.


  • Determine the right brow shape 


Firstly, you need to find the best shape for your face. This will help you determine where your brows should start and end and identify how high the arch should be.

Use an eyebrow pencil and place it vertically at the side of the top of your nose and create a mark. Mark the spot along your brow that aligns with the outside of your iris. This will help to define the arch. It’s time to focus on the tail of your brows. Line up your pencil with the outer corner of your eye and make another small mark.


  • Outline your brows


When creating high-arched eyebrows, one of the worst things you can do is removing too much hair. If you need to tweeze your eyebrows for the perfect shape, ensure to use an eyebrow pencil first to outline the desired shape. Once you have the outline you’re satisfied with, remove the hairs that fall outside of that line.


  • Opt for an eyebrow stencil 


If you aren’t very skilled in creating the perfect arched eyebrows, there’s a quick fix for this. An eyebrow stencil. These are reliable options that will help you identify where you should shade and shape your brows for an arched masterpiece.


  • Dont apply too much product 


Consider starting light with your brow application. Try not to use too much product to bring your arched eyebrows to life. To avoid the heavy-handed look, use a small amount of product and build it up as required. It’s best to focus on sparse areas. Apply the product of choice to your full brow can leave an overdrawn arch in place.


  • Groom your brows before filling them in 


It can be touch to perfect arched eyebrows without a grooming session. When your brows are overgrown, it can be challenging to see their natural shape. In turn, this can make it hard to sculpt your eyebrows. Always make sure that your brows are groomed to perfection to help you sculpt your high arched brows with ease. This means tweezing and trimming.


  • Sculpt the perfect fade 


Have you ever seen eyebrows that are one shade? Probably not. It’s essential to ensure that your arched eyebrows sport a seamless gradient finish. Start with less product at the front of your eyebrows and build up with more product as you go along. Natural brows have sparser hair towards the show, and this is the look you will want to replicate.


  • Set your brows 


If you’re wearing any makeup, including brow makeup, you will want to ensure that your beauty look goes the distance and lasts a long time. Consider purchasing a setting spray for your face that you can also apply to your eyebrows.

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